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This is a list of motor sports people by nickname. Contents: Top; 0–9; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J Frank Manzo, U.S. Funny Car driver Knight Commander) = Enzo Ferrari, Italy Grand Prix racing driver and team owner (a nickname he disliked) .Going to do a play through of 2005 Chase for the Cup and want to have a pretty unique or funny name to use. Let me here what you guys come .

Ranking Formula 1's Greatest Driver Nicknames. 0 of 10. Mark Thompson/Getty Images. Unlike other sports, nicknames tend to mean something in Formula.We've even got a few drivers still with cool nicknames: "Hot Rod" Fuller and "Fast Jack" nicknames were with them long before they sat in their first.

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Drag racing photos. Drag racing pictures of front engine fuel dragsters. Nostalgia - An amazing trip down memory.Alabama Gang- Group of NASCAR drivers from Hueytown, AL. Includes the Allisons and the Bonnetts This page is a list of some of the nicknames that have appeared on the NASCAR circuit over the years.

Mar 13, 2014 15 of NASCAR's Best and Worst Nicknames. Kyle Busch “Wild Thing” during his breakout year of 2008 when he joined Joe Gibbs Racing.List of motorsports people by nickname This is a list of motor sports people by nickname. [1] 2-Mile Kyle Kyle Larson, U.S. NASCAR driver Won four consecutive races on two-mile ovals from "Buster", Robert Auton, US stock car racer[59].

  1. Alain Prost is a famous French racing driver. A four-time Formula One Drivers’ Champion, only Michael Schumacher (seven-time championship) has equalled or surpassed his number of titles. From 1987 until 2001, Prost held the record for most Grand Prix victories.NASCAR has always had plenty of characters. Here are 15 great nicknames of inactive NASCAR drivers: 15. Rusty Wallace, Rubberhead – The nickname was given to him by Dale Earnhardt after.

  2. List of motorsports people by nickname. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This "The Captain" = Roger Penske, US, team owner and former race car driver "Captain Clutch kick" = Vaughn Gittin, Jr., US drifting driver "Captain Nice" = Mark Donohue, US racing driver.If you were reading any of these names in a script, you'd call the writers lazy. We got Jalopnik readers to pick out the ten most ridiculous (yet awesome) race car driver names, and they're.

  3. This name generator will generate 10 random nicknames for all sorts of racers, racers themselves, many names will work equally well as names for their.Top 50 Race Car Drivers. Fernando Alonso is a Spanish race car driver who has a net worth of 0 million and annual salary. View this Person. Rank # 8. Jeff Gordon Net Worth.

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This page is a list of some of the nicknames that have appeared on the NASCAR circuit over the years. Alabama Gang- Group of NASCAR drivers from .names for somebody who drives carelessly or not well: reckless driver reckless hot rodder nr careless driver poor driver cowboy sunday driver hit and run driver hog hoggin' the road hot bomb hot rods hot shot hot-rodder idiot driver imbecile imprudent driver.