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TUBE DRIVER Original by BK BUTLER by (4 knob) version of this pedal in 2006 from BK Butler. 10 years later, the pedal is still going strong. This pedal works best with tube amps. It is very versatile tone-wise.

  • Bk butler tube driver 3 knob vs 4 knob? Discussion in 'The I used to have the 3 knob T.Driver back when Tube Works made it - it was a good sounding pedal (you figure Andy Timmons still uses one) - but I don't think they are in production anymore - the 4 knob does sound better though. Is 90 a good price to pay for a bk butler tube driver.

  • Some used 4-knob Tube Drivers marked ‘Chandler’ are NOT the original design by BK BUTLER! All authentic Tube Drivers have “Concept Design: ” on them. Pedals with separate AC power supplies or ‘wall warts’ are NOT original and do NOT sound the same! Order here and get a REAL BK Butler hand-made Tube Driver.

  • BK Butler Tube Driver 910 schematic/pot value Discussion in 'Burnt Fingers DIY Effects' started by tatittle, Nov 17 , 2011. Nov 17, 2011 I am here asking for help again! I have an old 3 KNOB Tube Driver by BK Butler/Tube Works which has a broken potentiometer in the "tube" / gain position. It spins all the way around and pulls.

  • A rare original 1986 B.K. Butler Tube Driver with TM after DRIVER and no B.K. Butler 910 Tube Driver (Tube Works) - 3 knobs, tan with black graphics, made .

  • Tube Works Overdrive B.K. Butler Designed Tube Overdrive 3 knob BK Butler Tube Driver vs 86 Pro Co RAT - Duration: Tube Driver Demo - Duration:.

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Hi Andrea, I have the BK Butler Tube Driver with bias mod as well, I use a NOS Yugo “Real” tube tho (12ax7). For the bias control my favorite settings are maximum for Gilmour tones and 10 notches below maximum for my original tones, which is roughly.

Find great deals on eBay for Tube Driver in Guitar Overdrive and Distortion Effects Pedals. Shop with BK Butler Tube Works TUBE DRIVER Real Tube Overdrive guitar effect pedal vintage BK Butler Tube Driver Tube Works 3 Knobs.

  1. BK Butler Tube Works - Tube Driver - early 3 knob model original Yugoslavian 12ax7 tube included Never thought this day would come but I just don't use this pedal at all anymore. I am the only owner of this stompbox classic. I purchased it back in 1994 at Guitar Center in San Bernardino.

  2. B.K. BUTLER REAL TUBE OVERDRIVE - The Tube Driver is a A four knob version of the Tube Works 901 Real Tube pedal, which was an improved Tube Driver. Two of them sounded identical to each other (and identical to third version .

  3. Sep 10, 2011 I know I like the sound of the Butler and chandler 4 knob but I just don't I used to have the 3 knob T.Driver back when Tube Works.

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BEST ALTERNATIVE TO THE TUBE DRIVER - The best alternative to the popular 4 knob Tube Driver is actually the 5 knob Real Tube pedal, model 901, made by Tube Works and designed by BK Butler. The circuit is a bit more complex, but bascially the same design as the 911 Tube Driver only with a mid range knob added.

BK Butler Tube Driver Tube Works 3 Knobs. Very Good. Wins Music Room Tube Works Tube Driver Overdrive B.K. Butler 3 Knob FREE SHIPPING.

•1988 - Chandler Tube Driver. Knockoff made by Chandler after Butler parted ways with them. Only marked with script Chandler logo on the front, no BK Butler. •1993-94 - 911 Tube Driver - Made by Butler's Tube Works company. A four knob version of the Tube Works 901 Real Tube pedal, which was an improved Tube Driver. •2005 - 911 Tube Driver.