Delivery driver throws package on roof

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This delivery guy called me and said he had a traumatic experience at my house today. He said he was walking to the porch and the dogs started coming from the backyard, so he threw the package.In October, 2014, a UPS driver on Long Island, New York, kicked a package containing a device worth ,000, and was reportedly suspended after the incident was caught on surveillance video. In January, 2015, a security video caught a UPS driver tossing a parcel over a gate and then urinating on the homeowner’s property in Houston.UPS. Bad Behavior From a Missouri UPS Driver On Monday morning, Sandy Bast of St. James, Missouri, heard a loud noise outside her house. Upon investigation, she found a man throwing packages out the back of a U-Haul truck.

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Trust that all those holiday packages you sent arrived safely? CNN's Christine Romans brings us this surveillance footage from one Maryland family's house that may make you think again. Take a look above at the video as a FedEx delivery guy approaches, hurls the package and leaves.Nov — Ajmal .Nov 24, 2015 Delivery driver fails include a man throwing a parcel on a roof and Greg Grayson found a package delivered by the US Postal Service stuffed .

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Nov 24, 2015 THIS Yodel delivery driver was clearly channelling his inner Santa. your delivery driver decided to throw the package.A UPS courier was caught on camera tossing a package nearly 20 feet towards a resident’s door. Kevin Wong was expecting a delivery Tuesday, but told CTV News Toronto he was surprised.Delivery firm Yodel has apologised after a courier delivering a parcel ended up throwing it on the ROOF. The company said the employee was "overly-enthusiastic" and misjudged his throw as he aimed.

Security camera caught this UPS delivery driver in the act of throwing package over a wall instead of ringing the door bell and leaving the package out front.The driver has not left the parcel by the door, with a trusted neighbour or taken it away for later collection. Nope, this employee of Yodel chucked it on the homeowner's roof on Wednesday.Nov 23, 2015 @yodelonline Suprised your delivery driver decided to throw the package on the roof? Any reason why?

Delivery firm apologises after courier throws parcel on roof when no answer at door. The driver later returned with a ladder to retrieve the package. Photo: Ajmal Aziz. Delivery firm Yodel.Feb 20, 2017 Packages on the roof, suicidal driving, throwing parcels and urinating on a customer's house are among the problems experienced."The world on time," but maybe just not in one piece. FedEx has come under fire after footage of a New York worker throwing dozens of packages into the back of a truck went viral. At one point.