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Learn how to dismiss Alerts Popups in Selenium Java WebDriver.

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I expected that alert should be catch but driver throwing exception NoAlertpresent. Selenium version:2.25 OS: Win 7,XP Browser: IE version: 7,8,9 Please provide any additional information below. Please find the attached html source for reproduce.

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In some application, while submitting a form or for confirmation a window comes that window known as Alert.Today we will talk about how we can handle alert in Selenium Webdriver using Alert Interface and using different methods.

No, you're doing things the way the library expects you to. However, one of the principles of the library is that you should always know what to expect of your automation code. That means you shouldn't run into an instance where the button "may or may not" cause an alert; you should already know whether pressing the button will cause an alert or not. If it does something other than what you expect, that's an exceptional condition, and an exception should be thrown.

Hi, I have the following method to retrieve the text in an Alert window. My problem is that when the Alert window does not exist it takes ages for the Driver (which is an IWebDriver instance) to throw an exception.

  1. I can add the Alert.dismiss but the issue is that I got the expected exception " No alert is present" when the alert is not there. This alert will be displayed only if some of the test are failing.

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Not that they will, but it's a good way to keep test scripts from getting out of hand. One of the challenges in building a Selenium framework using Java is that binaries are and these will collate your results into something readable and Presentable. So alert the teams only on failures and not at the end of every execution.