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I decided to make this new mini-series "Track Tips". Let me know what you want to see!! Some of my initial ideas would be: - Practice Hits (DONE) - Tips for Cutting Lights - The "Proper" Burnout.Drag Racing Practice Tree allows you to test your reaction.

The Practice Tree's screen below shows the lights during a run for handicap racing, where both drivers have different dial-ins. That's why the right lane's lights are ahead of the left lane. The program also allows for external switches to be used (using our Com Port connector) to trigger.If a finish line sensor is out, a warning light will illuminate and you can’t start a race (Eliminates reruns due to faulty E.T.). Accuracy: Our Pro-Ultimate timer (gold box) is calibrated to be within 0001 seconds at 20 seconds.

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  1. Drag Racing Reaction Time Simulator Test Your Drag Racing Reaction Time! This test is devised to mimic a 400 seconds Pro Tree. 1. Press the stage button, .The Staging Light proudly presents pcHoleShot!, an innovative new approach to drag racing software practice trees! Practice trees are a great tool for drag racers, but practicing has always lacked an element of competition -- or even just fun element.

  2. STAGE INDICATOR LIGHTS: Signal drivers that they are on the starting line and ready for a run. The sport of drag racing is an acceleration contest between two vehicles racing from a standing Close observation and practice.You know the theory, but still can't cut great lights, and don't get to race much. Practice trees are small electronic boxes that simulate the starting lights at the drag With an enormous amount of options with which to hone my driving skills, .

  3. Drag racing practice tree simulation software program. below shows the lights during a run for handicap racing, where both drivers have different dial-ins.Drag Racing 101 – How to Cut the Perfect Light – Reaction Time 000 – Road Test TV August 18th, 2012 by Road Test TV A trip to the drag strip will prove that a lot of people could use a drag racing tutoral.

They indicate that the driver is actually on the starting line, and presumably ready The photocells detect your car when your tire interupts the light beam that both in my college physics lab, and with the practice tree, I have determined that .NHRA drag racing practice christmas lights for both Sportman and Pro style The driver's reaction time (DRT) plus the VRT is your universe in Drag Racing.

Drag racing's premier online logbook and practice trees for professional and bracket drag racers.Drag racing is a type of motor racing in which automobiles or motorcycles (usually specially prepared for the purpose) compete, usually two at a time, to be first to cross a set finish.

These beams are much better for drag racing. Drivers used to paint their wheels or put shoe polish on them to dull the bright, reflective surface. The old lights and photocell combination would sometimes pick up reflected light from the wheel, and then not "see" the tire. The infrared beams have no such problem. The timing system down the track uses a system of beams and reflectors.NHRA drag racing practice christmas lights for both Sportman and Pro style trees Drag Racing Christmas Trees The Christmas Tree pre-stage lights are connected to an infrared beam about two inches off the ground and about six to eight inches from the starting.

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Modern drag races are started electronically by a system known as a Christmas tree. A common Christmas tree consists of a column of seven lights for each driver .RB Racing's Sportsman Tree allows you to test your reaction time and hone your drag racing skills. This is the Sportsman Tree With the "Sportsman Tree" you stage just like in the Pro Tree but the three amber lights and the green light "march down" in sequence at 5 second intervals.