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The FR-2LE is a compact field memory recorder for professional use offering 24bit 96kHz recording in the industry standard BWF file format. It has a good pedigree given Fostex's previous success with their DAT portables (PD2 PD4) and latterly with their solid state FR-2 and its optional full timecode facility.Oct 11, 2011 But together with ZOOM H4N, none of them seem to offer good enough preamps for high-quality field recordings. And when will the new Fostex and Marantz show up? My guess (or wish) is soon, maybe they're just waiting for the others. At that point along comes another person driving a Lamborghini, .

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Fostex gives an advance look at the FR2LE, a digital field recorder which can work as a live sound recorder from a sound board out, a scratch recorder.Mar 8, 2009 2) Record to either memory on the Zoom H4n or over the USB cable to This post compares the H4n to the H2, the Fostex FR2-LE, and to my studio rig. You need to download the Zoom H series ASIO driver and follow the .

Oct 6, 2007 Fostex FR2-LE using an Electrovoice RE-50 microphone: PCM-D50 both produced cleaner recordings than the Fostex FR2-LE or the Zoom H4. My next recorder is going to Zoom H4n. I already own Sony pcm(d50) and .Fostex does not support or guarantee its operation under your environment. Use of this beta version is based on self-responsibility. Fostex is not responsible for any damage occurred by the use of this beta version.

  1. Buy ✓ FREE Zoom H4N PRO Digital Multitrack Recorder Lots of thought went into this unit, all the way down to using either AA batteries or inexpensive rechargeable .Everyone seems to love the H4n, but some pro's say it has noisy pre-amps. I would recommend the Fostex FR-2LE or the Tascam DR-100.

  2. Fostex FR2LE £517 9. pros. XLR mic inputs with 48V phantom power. Memory buffer means you never need miss the start of a take. Good ergonomics.So I'm looking for a field recorder to work with our 5D mkII setup - mostly interviews/talking heads. I think I've settled on the PMD661, but I was wondering if anyone had any input on it versus units like the Zoom H4n and Fostex FR-2LE.

  3. Stack Exchange network consists of 174 Q A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.Audio recording face off between a Tascam DR-60D and a Fostex FR-2LE for recording great movie production sound. Sorry about the lens reflection in my teleprompter - It's been awhile since.

I hooked a Y xlr from the boompole and then ran one line to the camera and one line to the FR2-LE. Summary: Recording to Camera There is quite a bit more ambient noise as well as not picking.Après 3 mois d'utilisation du Fostex FR2 LE, je ne puis que vous partager mon enthousiasme face à ce produit. Les sécurités mises en place pour éviter un effacement d'enregistrement par erreur sont très efficaces, la qualité audio, même en mp3 est fabuleuse, sans trop de bruits électroniques.

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I realized that the problem with both the FR-2LE and Edirol is that they are not mountable (no tripod socket). I will be a one-man crew (I know I know. we should have a dedicated sound person), so I need something that is mountable on-camera, which leaves.For a start, the FR-2LE records to CompactFlash in Broadcast WAV Format the 2 second 'pre-record' buffer means there should never be a missed take or lost .