Video of limo driver shooting jfk video

OK, NOW do you believe the limo driver shot JFK? Beware the propaganda of the media. The least educated are the staunchest believers.

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THE ASSASSINATION of John F Kennedy shocked the world and plunged America into political chaos nearly 54 years ago. Watch this video to see how the JFK assassination unfolded.

In it you can clearly see the driver shooting JFK and the passenger lean over to hold the wheel. They broke the video down to show the limo had slowed to less than 11 mph at the time of the shooting. The video also went into details about the hobos that were questioned from the train yard (dressed in new clothes but supposed hobos)and numerous other things like mysterious deaths.

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One theory that keeps coming up is that Secret Service Agent William Greer, the limousine driver, actually shot President Kennedy with a handgun. Proponents .

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  2. William Robert Greer (September 22, 1909 – February 23, 1985) was an agent of the U.S. Secret Service, best known as being the driver of President John F. Kennedy's presidential limousine in the William Greer. JFK limousine.png. The Presidential limousine shortly before Kennedy's assassination. Greer is in the driver .

  3. What best makes the case for the limo driver shooting JFK is not the Zapruder film, but the witnesses. People saw what happened. In all, Newcomb lists People saw what happened. In all, Newcomb lists six eyewitnesses , some of which were actually in the Warren Commission report.

The John F. Kennedy assassination videos below are among the very best and come to the conclusion that the driver of John F. Kennedy's limousine on that .

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What's forgotten by many is the HSCA's conclusion: that JFK was killed by a conspiracy. I watched the seven-minute Alex Cox video on YouTube. The voice-over continues relentlessly: “This version tracks the limousine and maintains .

Former secret service agent Clint Hill gives his account of the day John F Kennedy died as the US marks 50 years since Kennedy's assassination on Friday.

I have yet to view the MPI digitally-enhanced Zapruder video, so I can't have a final say regarding this There is no evidence that JFK's limo driver.

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