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Device Drivers Not Found Ok well, been trying to wipe windows off IBM and reinstall. Kept getting FAT cluster errors and it kept saying"compression device installed on this computer can not install windows".While working away in almost any program the system just shutsdown. I have not found any one program that I am in to be the cause. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.Drive X: = Driver OEMCD001 NOTE: If your CD-ROM drive is not available after you boot from the Windows 98 Startup disk, install the CD-ROM drivers that are included with your CD-ROM drive. For information about how to obtain and install the most current driver for your CD-ROM drive, view the documentation that is included with your device, or contact your hardware manufacturer.

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I can not go to the DOS prompt from within Windows 95. I get a message saying "inadequate resources " but this is not the case. I have 32MB of RAM and all programs are closed.When you connect the scanner to the USB port, Windows will try to install this as an HID, but it takes an unusually long time, about 7-8 seconds, to start up the device and install the drivers and comes up as unknown device in windows "devices and printers" And the hand scanner is not working.If you're new to Tech Support Guy, we highly recommend that you visit our Guide for New Members. My log file on the "run a dll as an app" problem Discussion in ' Earlier Versions of Windows ' started by dcstils.

Cirrus Logic video card driver installed that is incompatible with Windows setup program. There is an antivirus enabled in your computer's CMOS settings. More than 1200 True type fonts installed on the computer.Hi, I have a problem with installing windows 98SE so I need your device drivers selected, Windows 98 setup files were not found" and it I don't have a lot experience so I need a step by step guid on how to fix this problem.I'm trying to install 95 with networking on a reformated hard drive. It works pretty well until I restart for the first time.

Tried this modification, install ran up to 99% then it asked me where "Windows 95 Boot Floppy" files where located, I typed "A:\" followed by ENTER and installation continued without any more hiccups.I need help to fix this problem. I don't As there are no DOS drivers for the usual SATA DVDRW you may not install 98se for quite a few reasons. You have far too much RAM so that's a problem as well! Please connect your HDD to IDE connecter or install IDE CD-ROM Hardware Driver to IDE connecter."The solutions and answers provided on Experts Exchange have been extremely helpful to me over the last few years. I wear a lot of hats - Developer, Database Administrator, Help Desk, etc., so I know a lot of things but not a lot about one thing.

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I have unpluged the internal cdrom power supply ,but now it says (operating system not found Tech Support Specialist: Joseph , Computer Software Engineer replied 8 years ago Is there any option to Select USB device as First boot device.Plug play a new device into your Windows PC and it will find and install the right driver for it. This happens most of the time but then there are always exceptions when Windows fails to find the right driver for devices made by even the most popular manufacturers.Is this possible? Sure , everyone knows that a Mass Storage Driver for a Virtual device, BTW not fully integrated into NT, is EXACTLY the same as HID hardware device drivers.

Sep 16, 2003 It read through and installed a temporary ram. I got an error message stating there were no drives found. Device driver not found 'mscd001.I have a problem with installing windows 98SE so I need your guys' help. device drivers selected, Windows 98 setup files were not found" and it a lot experience so I need a step by step guid on how to fix this problem.Mar 17, 2015 My OptiPlex does not contain a Floppy drive, though in the BIOS it lists but ends up with a message something like "Cannot find OEMCD001". Now I understand it is hardware-ily impossible to install/run Win98 of I needed a Fractint fix, so I then did as Philip Yip suggested and downloaded/installed .